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Is it a tick?? ........
.......Or a just a wart?

Ticks on dogs tend to be about the size of an apple seed when they have not fed, and can vary in color, depending on the species. After they attach to the skin and take a blood meal from their host, ticks become ‘engorged’. When this happens, they can be as big as your fingernail. Not all ticks look the same, and ticks tend to look different throughout their lifecycle, so if you are unsure, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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Is it lime?.......
......Or Lyme?

Lyme disease can be hard to diagnose. It just takes 1 infected tick to spread disease that can be harmful, even deadly, to dogs. Some ticks can survive freezing temperatures and become active when the temperature rises to 40°F. That is why LVC recommends being on prevention all year round. Most of the time, Ohio does not get cold enough.

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Typical symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs include

Loss of appetite
Reduced energy
Lameness (can be shifting, intermittent, and recurring)

Generalized stiffness, discomfort, or pain

Swelling of joints

We test for Lyme disease along with two other tick borne illnesses at our clinic. It's actually included in your heartworm test! With our 4Dx snap test we are checking your pet for both heartworm disease as well as tick related illnesses. All the more reason to test!

If your pet tests positive for Lyme disease, there will be further steps taken.

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